Google requires developers to create mechanisms for deleting data in

Google requires developers to create mechanisms for deleting data in the Play Store – even after the application has been deleted by the user

The Google Play Marketplace is undergoing significant changes. As Google announced in its blog, developers of Android applications will also create mechanisms for its site in the coming months to delete personal data at the user’s request. You can exercise your right both in the application itself and online.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

It is important that the user can also delete personal data after he has already uninstalled the application – without having to reinstall it. Although the developer may already indicate the possibility of deleting information in the “Data security” section, this process should be as simple as possible. According to Google, this will increase the credibility of both the developers themselves and the platform on which they publish information.

If an account deletion is requested, the app developer/owner must also delete the data associated with that account. Additionally, some users may not want to delete their account completely so they may be offered an alternative such as: B. deleting only their activity history, pictures or videos. Developers who are required to retain certain data for security, fraud prevention, or other reasons must explicitly notify users of such data retention policy.


Google emphasizethat developers will have time to adapt software to the new rules, especially for those applications where deleting data is difficult. In a first stage, software developers must submit new data security information to Google by December 7, 2027, and changes in the description of applications on Google Play are expected to appear early next year, including the possibility of an immediate request for deletion of data.

Those developers who need more time can apply and may be given a grace period until May 31, 2024 to complete the software and issue an application card in the marketplace under the new policy.

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