Google releases stable beta of Android 12 – there will be no more major changes to the system

In the spring, Google released the first public beta of Android 12. The company has now begun rolling out its fourth beta to compatible devices. One of the important features of the fresh build of Android 12 is that Google placed it in the Platform Stability section on the OS lifecycle timeline, which indicates its relative suitability for everyday use.

The fact that Android 12 has entered the final stretch in its development also means that application developers can finally test their products in the new OS, since the API, key functions and the layout of the operating system will no longer change. Google encourages developers to thoroughly test their apps for compatibility with Android 12, as the new addition represents the largest platform upgrade in recent years.

In Android 12, Google has overhauled its approach to user privacy and security. The new privacy panel consolidates a number of settings, and also informs users when applications are tracking their activity, accessing information from the clipboard or location data.

In order to try out Android 12 prior to the official launch, you must have a Google Pixel 3 or newer smartphone. Some devices from ASUS, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp and ZTE are also compatible with the beta version of the fresh OS. A complete list of supported devices can be viewed at website Android beta testing programs.

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