Google refused to repair broken Pixel Watch smartwatches even

Google refused to repair broken Pixel Watch smartwatches – even for money

Some Google Pixel Watch owners said the manufacturer is refusing to replace broken screens in these wearable devices. In addition, we are not talking about a refusal of warranty service – a watch repair is not possible even at the user’s expense. The company did not provide watches “No repair or service centers”writes The edge with a link to a message from a Google support representative.

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“We currently have no way to repair the Google Pixel Watch. If your watch is damaged, you can contact Google Pixel Watch customer support for replacement options., – confirmed the official representative of the company. The device is sold with a guarantee that covers repairs in the event of damage solely by the consumer – no extension of the guarantee is granted.

Previously, iFixit experts disassembled the Pixel Watch and found that although access to the screen is difficult, replacement is technically possible. The company’s technicians have even put together detailed instructions on how to install a new screen. However, it is unclear where one can get these as Google does not provide them separately. The Pixel Watch is not particularly durable: cases of cracks have been known, even if the watch has not been dropped or hit a hard surface.

It’s not just Google that has difficulty repairing smartwatches. Without an AppleCare Plus subscription, repairing an Apple Watch Series 8 costs $299 (the watch itself was priced at $399), and repairing an Apple Watch Ultra will set you back $499 at a price of Pay $799; With a subscription, the service costs $69 or $79. But Apple at least basically offers a repair option. Google is expected to unveil an almost identical model of the first generation of the Pixel Watch 2 smartwatch in early October. Authorities in the home state of California have passed a law requiring electronics manufacturers to provide replacement parts for devices priced at $50 or more for at least three years. Less than seven years – for devices priced at $100 or more.

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