Google Play Store delays publication of app reviews by 24

Google Play Store delays publication of app reviews by 24 hours to ‘filter’

Reviews and ratings play an important role in promoting apps on marketplaces like the Google Play Store. They not only help potential users to choose, but also provide feedback to the developers, helping to improve the software in a timely manner. However, it often comes with an influx of suspicious reviews and ratings, which can cause app ratings to suffer unfairly. Google intends to take action against such actions.

    Image source: google

Image source: google

According to the well-known network whistleblower Mishaal Rahman (Mishaal Rahman), Google has announced a change in the system of ratings and reviews. The tech giant says a review or rating is only published 24 hours after a user submits it.

According to Rahman, this will reduce the number of suspicious reviews or suspected review manipulations. At the same time, developers have the ability to see and act on feedback immediately or correct the software immediately in response to bug reports.

    Image Credit: Mishaal Rahman

Image Credit: Mishaal Rahman

It is expected that such a policy change developers before the so-called. “Review bombing” – when, for one reason or another, users intentionally leave negative reviews and ratings in order to harm the spread of applications, and sometimes this is not related to the quality of the product itself. At the same time, the reform is intended to improve the quality of the reports. It is not yet known how exactly the ratings are “filtered” and whether negative ones are simply deleted before publication.

Earlier, Mishaal Rahman discovered a feature in Android 13 that allows you to improve the quality of calls – the so-called. clear calling.

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