Google Pixel smartphones started draining and overheating rapidly after a

Google Pixel smartphones started draining and overheating rapidly after a recent update

It seems that the June update for smartphones from the Google Pixel family has caused the batteries of these devices to drain excessively quickly. In addition, they began to overheat much more often, as evidenced by numerous complaints on the Internet.

    Image source: Triyansh Gill/

Image source: Triyansh Gill/

Last week, hundreds of complaints from Google Pixel owners appeared on Reddit, many of which drew attention to the decline in phones following the June update. According to them, the battery of their devices was drained much faster than before. Some claim that the batteries need to be recharged throughout the day and of course at night before bed. Although Google Pixel smartphones have never been considered particularly economical, the situation is even outside the norm.

In addition, some users report that the battery drains faster when their smartphone is idle. Finally, the Google smartphones began to heat up more than usual. The problems mainly affect models of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series.

According to the available data, the performance of not all smartphones has deteriorated – some users claim that their gadgets work even better. However, these are definitely not isolated cases – too many complaints appeared on the Internet after the update.

The good news is that sooner or later Google will release a patch to fix the problem. Usually, Google releases updates on the first Monday of the month, so the wait isn’t too long. While the June update has been pushed back by almost two weeks, the same could happen next month.

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