Google Pixel smartphones have learned to automatically shoot and download videos in an emergency

One of the exclusives that Google offers for its Pixel series smartphones is the Personal Safety app. Previously, it could carry out security checks and notify established contacts if the owner of the phone did not answer at the set time, as well as call 911 in the event of a car accident. A new feature of the application is automatic video recording when the built-in Emergency SOS function is activated.



This feature appeared in the updated version of the application. If the drive has enough memory, then when Emergency SOS is activated, the phone records up to 45 minutes of video. If you have an Internet connection, the captured video is sent to the Google cloud storage, where it is stored for up to 7 days. If you enable the automatic posting option, a link to this video file is sent to all contacts that the owner of the device has specified in advance.

Pixel smartphone owners can find this feature in the Personal Safety app settings. Emergency SOS is activated by pressing the phone’s power button five times in a row. When the function is active, the phone is still available for operation, but a notification icon is displayed on the screen that recording is in progress. Instead of recording a video, you can set other actions for this feature, such as dialing 911, sounding an alarm, or sending a notification to your favorite contacts.

Google tested Emergency SOS in early beta versions of Android 12, but Personal Safety and its associated feature set are currently only available for Pixel smartphones.


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