Google Pixel Fold mockup reveals details of upcoming foldable smartphone

Google Pixel Fold mockup reveals details of upcoming foldable smartphone

YouTuber Dave2D showed a mock-up of the foldable Pixel Fold smartphone on his channel, which Google is rumored to release in the foreseeable future.

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Google’s intention to release a foldable smartphone has not yet been officially confirmed, but some details about the device are already known. The host of the YouTube channel is sure that he managed to get a full-fledged layout of the foldable Google Pixel Fold smartphone, which exactly repeats the shape and dimensions of the original. He allowed the blogger to highlight a number of important points:

  • Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, the device does not have a gap in the hinge area when folded – the screen forms a small loop in the inner part of the structure.
  • the internal flexible 7.67-inch display features large bezels about 5mm wide – this reduces the cost of the smartphone and eliminates the need for a cutout for the camera;
  • There is a cutout for the camera on the front 5.79-inch screen, which was slightly shorter and wider than the Korean counterpart;
  • Google Pixel Fold’s speaker configuration enables stereo sound in any orientation of the device;
  • On the back of the smartphone is a wide range of cameras characteristic of the Pixel series.

The author of the review has not disclosed his source, but smartphone manufacturers often send similar mockups to companies that make accessories for them. According to unconfirmed reports, the announcement of the Pixel Fold could come at either the Google I/O conference in May or at an event in the fall.

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