Google Pixel Fold is now self repairable iFixit started selling

Google Pixel Fold is now self-repairable – iFixit started selling $900 flexible screens and other replacement parts

A partnership project between Google and iFixit, a company specializing in device repair, has brought the Pixel Fold foldable smartphone – the prospect of a repair now seems less daunting. You can now order genuine replacement parts for the device and receive installation instructions on the iFixit website.

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Available parts include a bulk kit to replace the Google Pixel Fold’s flexible internal screen. It costs $899.99 as a starter kit or $909.99 with the Fix Kit tools. The kit includes an internal OLED display, a flexible glass panel, batteries, display bezels, side buttons and an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Some of these parts can also be purchased separately: for example, the Flip and Base batteries are offered for $49.99 each. The front camera costs $42.99 and the external OLED display for the Pixel Fold costs $159.99.

iFixit also offers detailed guides and parts for other Google devices: the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6A and Pixel 7A smartphones, as well as the Pixel tablet. The Google Pixel Fold appears to be the first foldable smartphone that can be repaired by users themselves – thanks to support from iFixit, the repair promises to be a relatively easy task.


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