Google Pixel 8 to get Video Unblur to sharpen blurry

Google Pixel 8 to get Video Unblur to sharpen blurry videos

With the launch of the Pixel 7 smartphones, Google Photos introduced the Photo Unblur tool, which uses a neural network to sharpen images. For the time being, this function remains exclusive to the latest Google smartphones. Pixel 8 devices will launch in the second half of this year, but already enthusiasts have found mention of a new video sharpening feature that will likely be available to owners of these devices.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

We’re talking about a tool called Video Unblur in Google Photos. It’s not hard to guess from the name that it can be used to make blurry videos clearer. This feature has not been officially announced, but enthusiasts managed to forcibly activate the interface, although the effect of Video Unblur is almost imperceptible at this point. It is expected that by the time work on this feature is completed, the quality of previously filmed videos can be significantly improved through the use of a special AI algorithm. And while there’s currently nothing in the code linking Video Unblur to Pixel 8 smartphones, we can expect the new feature to roll out on those devices.

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In addition, the developers plan to add a number of effects to Google Photos that can be applied to videos. They are collected in a separate UI tab called Overlays. At that time, references to effects and the ability to improve the quality of blurry videos were found in the Google Photos code, but the developers did not officially announce these changes. This means that they can be significantly revised before the official launch.


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