Google Pixel 8 Pro may get a built in thermometer

Google Pixel 8 Pro may get a built-in thermometer

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is likely to get a feature not often found in phones: if insider Jakub “Kuba” Wojciechowski is not mistaken, a camera block will appear on the back of the device infrared sensor, similar to those used in non-contact thermometers. And with it, it will actually be possible to measure body temperature.

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To use the built-in non-contact thermometer, the user must remove their glasses and any other facial accessories that might get in the way. The sensor must be brought as close as possible to the forehead without touching it and the phone must be held sideways to the temple for 5 seconds. After the temperature is measured, the phone will emit a vibration signal and display the result on the screen. The sensor may also be useful for measuring the temperature of objects.

Google Pixel 8 Pro in many ways remind compared to the previous model, however, there are some differences: rounded corners, as well as a single module for three cameras on the rear block – for some reason the fourth is placed separately, like the infrared sensor. Barring anything unexpected from Google, the built-in non-contact thermometer will likely just be an odd toy now that pandemic restrictions have already been lifted.


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