Google Pixel 7 costs the same as Pixel 6

Google Pixel 7 costs the same as Pixel 6 – it’s significantly cheaper than the iPhone 14

The official announcement of the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones is expected for October 6th, now there is unofficial information about how much the new devices will cost. The younger model sells for $599 while the older one is priced at $899. secure Founder of the resource Android Police Artyom Rusakovsky.

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In other words, the smartphones of the seventh generation will cost the same as the sixth generation, which means that in all likelihood Google has decided to stay the course and not follow the example of other manufacturers who have nevertheless started to increase the prices of the Flagship increase devices. The price tags on the Google Pixel are in sharp contrast to Apple, whose iPhone 14 and 14 Pro cost between $799 and $999 – the base Pixel 7 will be $200 cheaper, leaving the consumer to ponder the choice. On the other hand, Apple didn’t increase prices in the US this year, but simply got rid of the cheaper iPhone mini.

The other day Google released a promo video confirming that pre-orders for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will start on October 6th, the same day as the offline Made by Google event where the company will launch the Pixel Watch smartwatch and a will show number of devices from the Nest series. According to unofficial data, deliveries of new smartphones will start on October 13, although there is information that they may be delayed until October 18.


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