Google persuades the European Commission to stop the antitrust investigation against it – the company fears huge fines

Google is trying to settle an antitrust investigation initiated by the EU regulator over its digital advertising activities, Reuters reported, citing an informed source. If the disagreements can be resolved at this stage, the company will be able to avoid a lengthy detailed investigation, which threatens with a possible large fine.

REUTERS / Paresh Dave

REUTERS / Paresh Dave

EU antitrust lawsuits have already cost Google more than € 8 billion over the past decade in fines in three different cases. She was also ordered to make changes in business practice in terms of violations of free competition and market monopolization.

In June, the European Commission announced the start of an antitrust investigation against Google over a possible violation by the American search giant of the EU competition rules. The European Commission also intends to investigate whether Google has favored its own display advertising services when accessing user data to the detriment of competing ad technology providers, advertisers and online publishers.

A Reuters source said Google has made a settlement proposal to the European Commission. He refused to provide details “because of the sensitivity of the issue.”

The agency noted that it is not yet known whether the executive vice president of the European Commission, Margrethe Vestager, is open to negotiate a settlement. Typically, such negotiations usually take months or even years before any agreement is reached. And there is no certainty that they will not get stuck halfway.

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