Google paid the wrong hacker a 250000 bounty and now

Google paid the wrong hacker a $250,000 bounty and now wants the money back

What would you do if your bank account increased by a quarter of a million dollars? It seems like a fairy tale, but such a case actually happened to a Bug Hunter hacker named Sam Curry, who is engaged in searching for various vulnerabilities and works as a security engineer at Yuga Labs.

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In his Twitter post Curry said about an unexpected payment from Google and reported that he hadn’t received a response a few weeks after contacting support. “It’s been a little over three weeks since Google accidentally sent me $249,999 and I still haven’t received a response from support. Is there another way to contact Google?»

With that amount of money you can buy yourself good things – a new house, a fancy sports car, a boat or something else. Rather than spend all or part of the money, Curry wisely kept it to himself. He wanted to transfer this money to a separate account so that the tax office would not have any questions for him, but it seems that he does not have to do this.

Currie’s suspicion that Google made the money transfer by mistake turned out to be correct. “Our team recently made a payment to the wrong party due to human error. We appreciate that the affected person came forward quickly and we are working to resolve the situation.“, — explained Google representative in an interview with NPR.

It’s not exactly clear how this happened, other than that it’s “the result of human error.” However, the company where Curry works is involved in vulnerability-finding programs, including in Google products. The maximum amount of compensation from the company is $1 million in case of detection of code execution errors in the Google Pixel Titan M security chip.

We definitely hope Google Curry makes up for this mistake. After all, Alphabet can afford it — it made over $278 billion last year.


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