Google organizes Find My Device service after Apple model

In a preliminary version of the Find My Device application, a code was found indicating that Google is going to organize a network infrastructure for finding lost devices in a similar way to Apple.



Specialists of 9to5Google published a decompilation of the preliminary version (2.4.043_df) of the Google Find My Device application and discovered significant innovations in the operation of this service.

If an Android device is lost, the owner will be able to mark it as missing. When information about this is in the system, other devices start scanning for available Bluetooth connections, and when a missing gadget is found, its owner is notified. When the device is found, the owner can use this service to activate a phone call. This will help in the case when the approximate location of the device is known, and there are people on the spot trying to find it.

The innovation has also affected cars running Android Automotive. In the event of theft, the Find My Device application will allow you to block the car. If circumstances develop in such a way that the probability of returning the car tends to zero, then it is possible to delete the account and the data associated with it from the on-board system altogether. There is also an option to delete an account in the event that the car is offline for a certain time.

It remains an open question whether this innovation will affect devices running on other Google platforms, in particular, laptops with Chrome OS, they are also sometimes lost for various reasons. The timing of the Find My Device update has not yet been specified.


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