Google opens its AI search engine to teenagers

Google opens its AI search engine to teenagers

Google reportedthat the search engine SGE (Search Generative Experience) can now also be used by young people. In addition, SGE has introduced an “About this result” mechanism that explains how answers to search queries were generated and which sources were used.

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SGE AI Search is now open to users ages 13 to 17. Google made this decision upon receipt “particularly positive reviews” from representatives of 18 to 24 year olds who tested the platform – this is not surprising, because older people are traditionally suspicious of new technologies, while young people quickly accept them.

To expand SGE’s audience, the company, with the support of specialists working with teenagers, strengthened the platform’s security measures – in particular on topics such as banned or age-restricted substances and bullying in teenage communities. Cooperation with specialists will continue, Google assured.

Another innovation was the “About this result” section – a block with explanations of how the AI ​​​​generated the presented answer. In the near future, similar explanations will appear for every URL in search. Google has finally created some “Targeted improvements” into AI-generated answers, thereby reducing the presence of misleading and offensive information. In the future, the company plans to release an additional large language model that “critiques” preliminary answers to improve their quality.


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