Google opened its most powerful neural network to the general

Google opened its most powerful neural network to the general public for $20 a month, and Bard renamed it Gemini

As expected, Google has announced the rebranding of its AI bot Bard, which is now officially called Gemini. At the same time, users can use the new Gemini Android app, which provides access to an AI bot, and Duet AI features in Google Workspace are united around a single brand that symbolizes Google’s AI tools.

  Image source: Google

Image source: Google

The Gemini mobile app will likely be the most accessible option for exploring Google’s AI bot capabilities. Once installed on an Android device, the Gemini AI bot can, among other things, replace the Google Assistant voice assistant. “I think this is an important step towards creating a true AI assistant.”“said Sissie Hsiao, head of development at Bard (now Gemini). She also added that the company’s voice assistant has become “more useful than ever”.

There is no Gemini app for iOS, likely because iPhone users wouldn’t be able to have Google’s bot as their default assistant anyway. However, Apple device owners can access all AI features in the Google app.

The remaining changes mainly concern branding. Google is dropping the Bard name, but the company’s chatbot is here to stay and will continue to evolve in the future. This also applies to all Google Workspace AI functions, which were formerly called Duet AI, but are now united under the Gemini brand. Users can still use them to compose emails, spreadsheets, and perform other work tasks.

The free, publicly available version of the AI ​​bot is based on the large Gemini Pro language model. To access Google’s most powerful language model, Gemini Ultra, you’ll need to subscribe to Gemini Advanced, which is included in Google One AI Premium, which costs $20 per month. The subscription also includes 2 TB of cloud storage and other Google One features.

Google’s desire to aggressively promote Gemini is understandable as the company tries to compete in the artificial intelligence market with other major players such as OpenAI, Anthropic, Perplexity, etc. Google has yet to prove its ability to keep up with the industry as the company strives to simultaneously create a compelling consumer experience product and is trying to convince developers to use Gemini rather than ChatGPT.

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