Google: only a few weeks left before the launch of the final version of Android 12

Google today announced the final beta of Android 12, which is now available on all supported devices, including the new Pixel 5A 5G. The fresh assembly received the Release Candidate status, which indicates the final readiness of the operating system for release. At the same time, Google announced that before the launch of the final version of Android 12 “Just a few weeks”

The launch of the system will likely coincide with the launch of the Pixel 6, which is expected to take place in October. Testers noted that the previous beta build of Android 12 was already quite stable and boasted all the features that Google announced for the fresh OS. So the new Release Candidate build shouldn’t disappoint users and could probably be fine for everyday use.

This year Google will introduce two Pixel 6 smartphones. The devices will be based on the proprietary Tensor chip, developed in collaboration with Samsung, and will offer a radically updated design. The Pixel 6 will be full-fledged flagships with a price tag of around $ 1000, as opposed to last year’s Pixel 5, which was closer to the mid-range.

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