Google Microsoft TSMC Apple and Samsung could be major shareholders

Google, Microsoft, TSMC, Apple and Samsung could be major shareholders in Arm

The original version of the material Reuters Intel’s intentions to become an anchor investor in the British processor architecture developer as part of its forthcoming IPO later this year have been mentioned by several major companies that may share this role with the processor giant. The names of the applicants later emerged: Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Apple, TSMC and Samsung Electronics.

    Image source: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

Image source: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

Remember, an anchor investor is a company whose purchase of a large block of shares in a publicly listed issuer can serve as an example for others. According to Reuters sources, Japanese group SoftBank, which now owns Arms’ assets, should decide on the choice of anchor investors for its forthcoming US IPO by August this year. According to sources, negotiations are ongoing with representatives of at least ten major companies.

It is important to note that participation by such investors in Arm-Holding’s IPO does not entail receipt of a significant number of votes on the Company’s board of directors or a seat on its board of directors. As mentioned earlier, SoftBank’s basic goal is to get as many Arm stocks in its hands as possible, while still making as much money as possible from the sale of the stocks listed on the stock exchange.

It’s still difficult to say what impact individual Arm clients’ participation in the company’s IPO will have on their relationship with that issuer. At the very least, Apple and Samsung are acquiring the rights to use Arm’s processor architectures, and cloud giants like Google and Microsoft are also interested in developing their own server processors. Even TSMC is developing a prototype ARM architecture processor, but solely for debugging the interaction with its customers, which it shares with a British architect.

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