Google Meet introduces new virtual meeting management tools

It became known that the popular video conferencing service Google Meet has new meeting management tools. The number of controls available will depend on whether you are using the service as a private user or as part of a Google Workspace commercial offering.

Image: The Verge

Image: The Verge

The main innovation is that meeting organizers can now assign up to 25 co-presenters, who will also have access to the controls. Thanks to this, co-hosts will be able to limit the circle of persons who can share their screen in a general conference and send messages to the chat. In addition, they can mute all meeting participants with one click, end meetings, and control who can join the conversation. Previously, only Google Workspace for Education customers were able to assign co-hosts.

Google Meet will also receive new shortcuts for Workspace customers. For example, you can set up a meeting to start automatically when the host joins. Users will also be able to block anonymous users from joining the meeting. If necessary, you can open access to the meeting only to invited users, which will exclude the presence of unnecessary people in the meeting.

According to reports, the new meeting management tools in Google Meet will be introduced in several phases. Users who interact with the web version of the service or the Android app will be able to experience the innovations from August 16, and they will appear in the iOS version of Meet on August 30.

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