Google Maps introduces Immersive View combining Street View with satellite

Google Maps introduces Immersive View, combining Street View with satellite imagery

As part of the Google I/O developer conference taking place these days, many interesting hardware and software innovations were presented to the general public. One of these innovations concerns the company’s map service. Google Maps users can now take advantage of Immersive View, which combines the standard street view with aerial photos for greater accuracy and relevance.

    Image Source: The Edge

Image Source: The Edge

Immersive View mode gives users of the Google Maps service the ability to get a closer look at the places they want to visit. For example, integration with satellite imagery allows you to view a specific area from above to get an idea of ​​the area. Then you can go down and start seeing the streets and certain places directly. The map shows the current occupancy of seats and retrieves traffic jam information so that the user can find out how many people are in a park or on a beach before leaving the house.

According to available data, Immersive View is based on computer-generated imagery, which is a combination of Google satellite imagery and Street View photos. Currently, the new feature is supported on most devices, but is only available in certain areas of San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Tokyo. In the future, the geography of the new function will expand.

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