Google Maps has a new feature in honor of Street

Google Maps has a new feature in honor of Street View’s 15th anniversary

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Street View feature in Google Maps, the developers have introduced a new feature. We are talking about the ability to view historical photos of places on devices running Android and iOS. Previously, this tool was only present in the desktop version of the service. It was also announced that images for display in Street View will now be created using new cameras.

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Street View began fifteen years ago as a bold idea from Google co-founder Larry Page to create a 360-degree map of the entire world. A tremendous amount of work has been done since then, thanks to which over 220 billion images from more than 100 countries have been published in Street View to date.

The Google map service does not stand still and continues to develop. For the past few years, the web version of Google Maps has allowed you to see how specific locations in Street View have changed over the years. Now this feature is available for users of the service on devices running Android and iOS. To use the new tool, simply click anywhere on the screen in Street View and select “Show More Data” from the menu that appears.

At the same time, the developers announced that new wearable cameras are now being used to create 360-degree images in Street View. Each of these cameras weighs around 7kg and does not require a car to use them, unlike the more massive and heavier cameras used previously. The new cameras make it easier to take new photos and upload them to Google Maps.

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