Google Lens can now search for image and text at

Google Lens can now search for image and text at the same time

Last year, Google announced the “Multi-Search” feature, which allows you to add text to image searches. Now this tool has entered open beta and is available to some Google Lens users on Android and iOS devices.

    Image source: 9to5 Google

Image source: 9to5 Google

According to the developers, “Multipoisk” is included “A Whole New Way to Search”which allows you to expand your search capabilities in different situations, e.g. B. if “I don’t have enough words to describe what I’m looking for”. This innovation can be very useful. For example, you have an orange dress but you want the same thing, just blue. To find such an offer, it is enough to take a photo of the available dress and add the word “blue”, “MultiSearch” will do the rest.

To interact with this tool, just open the Google application, select the Lens service icon and take a picture of the desired object with the camera or download the image from the device’s memory. Then just add a refinement based on the text and start the search.

Multisearch is reportedly currently in beta for Android and iOS users of the Google app in the US. When the innovation will appear in other countries is still unknown.



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