Google launches search tests with built in AI

Google launches search tests with built-in AI

Google open A limited group of users is testing access to the website search labs, where new search technologies are being tested – they focus on integrating generative artificial intelligence, and in the initial stages only American users can connect to tests. The company explained how AI can make it easier to find the necessary information.

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If someone wants to delve into a new complex topic for himself, he needs to understand into what phases training should be divided. Google cites learning to play the ukulele or guitar as examples, and the potential benefits of starting a business versus working as a freelancer. By answering these questions, the AI ​​creates a summary of the factors to consider when implementing the project – the user gets an overview of the situation to delve deeper into the study of the problem, as there are already links to specific materials for this .

AI helps find answers to simple, concrete questions. Google gives equally simple examples: A person finds an old sweater in the back of the closet, wants to freshen it up and is looking for information on how to remove a coffee stain from it. And as you prepare to travel abroad, AI tells you how to renew your passport.

After all, new search technologies will help to take into account the characteristics of the goods that a person will buy for a specific purpose. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers for a pool party, Google considers factors like water resistance and the device’s battery life – and offers several options that meet those criteria to choose from. If this is not enough, you can use the “Ask an additional question” option and continue communicating with the search chatbot in dialogue mode.

These examples are just Google’s first step in integrating generative AI into search, and the company plans to make more additions and improvements over time. Google intends to completely rethink search and make it more natural and intuitive.


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