Google launches Ripple project to expand the use of tiny

Google launches Ripple project to expand the use of tiny radars

Google wants to expand the use of tiny radar chips. While the Soli Radar used in the Pixel smartphones is hardly a good solution, Google has launched an open source Ripple API that is said to help bring this technology out of the Google ecosystem. It is anticipated that various companies will use the said API to integrate small radars into their products.

Image source: The Verge

Image source: The Verge

Ripple is supported by the Consumer Technology Association, which hosts the annual CES. That being said, the Ripple project on Github has a lot of links to Google. It looks like it’s a rebranding of the Standard Radar API that Google released about a year ago. With miniature radars, the presence of people in the vicinity can be detected, devices can be controlled contactlessly without a microphone and much more.

Ford and Amazon are reportedly among the companies showing interest in the Ripple project. The automaker has been slow to announce its plans to use miniature radars (such radar chips have historically been present in the Ford Co-Pilot 360 driver assistance system) while Amazon is exploring the possibility of using radar to track sleep quality. The ultimate goal of the Ripple project is to develop an open radar API standard for hardware and software interoperability and accelerate the growth of consumer applications.


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