Google itself had the Pixel 8 Pro inspected from all

Google itself had the Pixel 8 Pro inspected from all sides before the announcement and confirmed the presence of a temperature sensor on the smartphone

Google may have accidentally posted to the web in anticipation of the Pixel 8 Pro smartphone announcement, which is expected on October 4th online simulatorwhich offers a 360-degree view of the upcoming flagship device from all angles and allows you to consider the placement of its sensors and ports.

    Image Credit: Google/The Verge

Image Credit: Google/The Verge

According to the resource The edge with a link to the bloggers who first discovered the virtual Pixel 8 Pro. To access it you must paste it in the link on one of the smartphones in the section Pixel phone simulator new model name:

The smartphone simulator Pixel 8 Pro shows the device in three colors: light blue, gray and black and also confirms reports that the Pixel 8 Pro will get a new temperature sensor located on the back next to the cameras.

However, the simulator does not contain a description of the device’s specifications, giving rise to further rumors about its functionality.

It should be noted that the Pixel 8 Pro has retained the SIM card slot, which denies rumors that the new smartphone will appear only in the version with eSIM support. Judging by the data from the simulator, the new smartphone will receive support for 5G mmWave networks, as well as a telemodule with a 5x optical zoom. There is still a lot of time before the Pixel 8 Pro is announced, so we have to expect new leaks about the new product.


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