Google is working on the possibility of linking two numbers

Google is working on the possibility of linking two numbers to one eSIM

According to the Israeli company Esper, Google is working on a very convenient feature that will primarily appeal to people who are used to using two SIM cards in one smartphone. It’s possible that the innovation will free up some space inside smartphones.

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According to Esper, a feature called Multiple Enabled Profiles (MEP) allows you to assign two profiles to an eSIM and switch between two operators’ networks. According to some reports, Google uses a technology in its developments for which a patent application was filed back in 2020. There have been rumors in the past that the company has already tested it on tech versions of the Pixel.

The new software and hardware solution could allow manufacturers to completely do away with the use of SIM cards in smartphones and free up some space – for example for memory cards if they are not present in the smartphone, or other modules.

Although the former editor-in-chief of XDA Developers and now the author and editor of the Esper blog Mishaal Rahman (Mishaal Rahman) reports closely on Android 13, it is quite possible that the use of technology will not be limited to smartphones Based on the Google development OS it can theoretically be used in any ecosystem – iOS or even Windows.



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