Google is preparing its own processor for laptops and tablets

Google is preparing its own processor for laptops and tablets by 2023

The search giant Google has long been interested in developing its own processors, but they are mainly used in server systems, which is explained by the specifics of the company’s business. Sources now claim that Google will prepare its own processor for laptops and tablets running Chrome OS by 2023. In other words, the Tensor processor for Pixel 6 smartphones doesn’t stop there.

Image source: AP, Nikkei Asian Review

Image source: AP, Nikkei Asian Review

News of this content comes from the pages of the resource Nikkei Asian Reviewreferring to his own knowledgeable sources. Google’s inspiration for this initiative draws in part from the commercial success of Apple’s own processors, which are used in the company’s tablets and laptops. Future Google mobile processors should also be based on the Arm architecture.

While building its own processors will allow Google to improve the degree of hardware and software integration in mobile devices, the company will have to compete with other companies for a place on the pipeline of contract manufacturers such as TSMC and Samsung. According to Bain & Co. analysts, if within the framework of 28nm technology, the costs of developing a processor reached $ 50 million, then in the case of 5nm technology, they are ten times higher.

Google began developing specialized processors to accelerate server systems in 2016, and introduced their fourth generation in May this year. The company has hired experienced professionals with experience from Intel, Qualcomm and MediaTek to develop processors for its needs.

Google offered its own branded Chromebooks in 2017 and 2018, but they sold no more than 500,000 copies. Sales of student laptops running Google Chrome OS doubled last year amid the need to organize distance learning amid the pandemic. Until the middle of this year, sales of Chromebooks were also growing, but from July they began to steadily decline.

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