Google is preparing its own analog tracker Apple AirTag

Google is preparing its own analog tracker Apple AirTag

Google is said to be working on a location tracker to compete directly with Apple’s AirTags and Tile solutions. About that informed Developer Jakub “Kuba” Wojciechowski (Jakub Wojciechowski) – he discovered the appropriate setting in the Fast Pair framework, which allows Bluetooth devices to be quickly paired.

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The tracker is being developed under the codename Grogu (that’s the name of Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian series in the Star Wars universe) – there are also alternative names GR10 and Groguaudio, and the Google Nest team is in charge of the project. This does not mean the final product will be marketed under the Nest brand, but Mr Wojciechowski suggested the tracker will be available in multiple colours; in addition, he gets a built-in speaker, like the Apple AirTag.

Grogu will support Bluetooth LE and UWB protocols, the same source is safe. UWB technology, supported in Google Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro smartphones, has advantages over Bluetooth – it allows you to more accurately estimate the distance to the object and the direction to it. However, the presence of the UWB module in the tracker is not required for its operation – the object can be found solely via Bluetooth.

The Grogu is expected to be announced as early as May at the Google I/O conference alongside other devices in the Pixel lineup, Wojciechowski said. And the tracker will be launched around the fall.


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