Google is developing an app archiving feature

Google is developing an app archiving feature

Many software products for computers today allow you to save user data even after uninstalling applications. Google decided to introduce a similar solution for Android – a new feature allows you to “archive” programs that take up a lot of memory, which allows the operating system to use the memory of smartphones and tablets more efficiently.

Image source: mamela/

Image source: mamela/

According to the Google blog, the company is developing a tool that will allow you to “archive” some applications to make room for other content. In particular, this prevents you from removing software that is used infrequently and takes up a lot of disk space.

According to the company, the archiving process will reduce the storage space occupied by the application by about 60%. In any case, archiving / dearchiving programs takes less time than removing and then installing them.

Google is known to have developed a new version of the archived APK file format. The feature will be available to developers in Bundletool 1.10. However, according to Google, files of this type will not be supported until they are released to the general public later this year. Also, developers generally don’t need to create archived APKs unless they see a need to.



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