Google is committed to ridding search of optimized garbage and

Google is committed to ridding search of optimized garbage and prioritizing user-generated content

Google has introduced new tools for website operators to increase the visibility of social networks and forums in search results. The measure is aimed at a partial change of course in the Google search engine: user-generated content is given more weight, which means that search results will in future be freed from optimized garbage, which is an increasing problem on the modern web.

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Previously, Google introduced the perspective filter – it highlights posts from forums, question and answer sites and social networks in the search results. The feature was first introduced on mobile devices and then migrated to the desktop version of Search. The company updated its ranking algorithm to increase the presence of “first-hand opinions” and offered tools to help search engines understand how data is structured on online community sites so that this content can be ranked in the Search results can be presented more comprehensively.

Micro-markup tools Profile page will help Google display information about the authors who publish their content directly in search results: names, nicknames, profile photos, number of subscribers and indicators of the popularity of their publications. Micro-markup helps analyze the content itself. DiscussionForumPosting And QAPage: Google is coping with indexing popular platforms like Reddit and Quora, and new tools will help smaller sites like forums and Q&A platforms achieve similar results. Tools for testing how these tools work are displayed in the Search Console and Test Rich Results sections: Webmasters can validate the updated markup.

Recently, Google also offered an experimental social feature: users could comment on websites in search results. If such notes become popular, Google will have a kind of analogue to Reddit – the largest community in the world introduced a fee for access to the API last summer and now risks paying for it.


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