Google is closing half of Area 120s incubator projects

Google is closing half of Area 120’s incubator projects

In an effort to streamline operations and increase efficiencies by 20%, Google has decided to complete half of the projects in its Area 120 R&D department, the resource reported. TechCrunch with reference to the statement of the representative of the company.

    Image source: Fotomix /

Image source: Fotomix /

Last Tuesday, the company informed the employees of the division about the “downsizing” of Area 120: Half of the projects will be liquidated – only 7 out of 14 will remain, otherwise they will be terminated. And there is no guarantee that everyone will stay with the company.

According to Area 120’s head, the department is now set to specialize in projects related to artificial intelligence, although the research center hasn’t been limited to the topic until now. Over the years of its existence, the division has released many interesting and successful products: the GameSnacks HTML5 gaming platform, which has become part of Google Chrome; an analogue of the AirTable service called Tables, which is part of Google Cloud; Marketing chatbot AdLingo, also integrated into the cloud; the video platforms Tangi and Shoploop, included in Google Search and Shopping respectively; travel planner Touring Bird, who became part of Commerce Directorate; and the interview platform for technical specialties Byteboard – has become an independent unit.

In particular, along with Area 120, the Qaya service will be closed, an analogue of such link-in-bio services as Linktree and Beacons, but with integration with Google Search and Google Shopping, as well as the ability to connect to YouTube goods and services apply. The remaining six completed projects include a financial accounting system based on Google Sheets; a specific product related to shopping; Augmented and virtual reality analysis system; and three climate-related projects. Climate projects included a navigation service with data on charging stations for electric vehicles and systems for calculating CO2 emissions in relation to IT and forest areas.


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