Google is allowing Spotify and Bumble to accept payments bypassing

Google is allowing Spotify and Bumble to accept payments bypassing the Play Store, but only in the US for now

The Google Play Store has allowed developers to charge US users for in-app payments without going through the Google Payment Gateway. The commission from microtransactions through the services’ own payment systems will be reduced by 4 pp, cleared in society.

    Image source: mohamed hassan /

Image source: mohamed hassan /

The move is a significant concession by Google that sets the Play Store owner apart from Apple, which still doesn’t allow third-party payment systems in the App Store in most countries. And if the music streaming service Spotify could agree with Google to start a pilot project to accept third-party payments, then the dispute with Apple is far from over.

However, Google’s decision cannot be called radical either: developers want to accept payments directly and not leave fees for app store owners – the same Spotify actively opposes this practice, calling it anti-competitive. The company’s anger is largely directed at Apple. In most countries, Apple still forces developers to use their own payment system, and only South Korea had to make an exception after passing the relevant law. The company justifies this policy out of concern for user security and privacy.

A joint User Choice Billing project to accept payments through third-party systems Google and Spotify was announced in March and the program has been fully rolled out in the US, Brazil and South Africa, in addition to Australia, India and Europe who have previously joined . In September, Google allowed other app developers to participate in the initiative as long as their payment interface matches recommendations Google. Meanwhile, the dating agency Bumble has become a new member of the program, says on the Android Developer Blog.

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