Google introduced the new Android logo and revealed the new

Google introduced the new Android logo and revealed the new features of the mobile operating system

Google published update package for their mobile apps and services: a universal Top of Mind widget, improved Lookout app algorithms, new Android Auto video client features, and more. In addition, the logo of the Android operating system itself has undergone some changes.

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Updated the design of the At a Glance widget, a feature based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Now the widget offers a wider range of useful and up-to-date information about events, trip stages and weather. The operation of the Google Wallet application has been optimized: loading cards with barcodes and QR codes has been simplified, the function for importing photos has been added.

The Lookout app, which provides text descriptions of photos for the visually impaired, now describes images more fully and accurately, and answers additional questions. Android Auto offers the ability to connect to Zoom and Webex video sessions, although only audio is supported.

Looks a little different now Android logo. The image of the robot again acquired volume and, depending on the context, offered several color options – there is even a fur version. The corporate style of the system name is now in the same font as the Google logo itself, and the word “Android” is capitalized.

It recently became known that Google will hold a major event on October 4th, at which the official announcement of Pixel 8 smartphones and the release of the Android 14 operating system are expected.

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