Google has successfully applied AI to improve the efficiency of traffic lights

Google solution to optimize the work of traffic lights, built on Artificial intelligence, used in four locations in Israel, has reduced fuel consumption and traffic delays by 10-20%, the company said Wednesday. She added that she plans to test the software product in Rio de Janeiro.

REUTERS / Paresh Dave

REUTERS / Paresh Dave

Based on the results of testing the technology in Haifa and Beer Sheva, Israel, the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Traffic Administration has high hopes that AI will help manage traffic lights more efficiently. Reuters reported that the system will be deployed here within a few months, with specific locations to be announced shortly.

The early-stage research project refers to Google’s new climate change programming initiatives. The company has responded to calls from its employees, as well as environmental groups, to urgently use its influence to combat global warming.

While Google has not responded to calls from its critics to stop selling technology to oil companies or fund legislators who deny global warming, it has made environmental sustainability a priority.

Google plans to allow Nest thermostat users to buy renewable energy certificates for $ 10 a month in the coming weeks to offset emissions from heating and air conditioning. The certifications will come from projects in Texas, including the Bethel Wind Farm and Roseland Solar. Most of the funds provided to users will go towards buying electricity on credit and paying utility bills, according to Google.

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