Google has restricted the development of AR glasses and will

Google has restricted the development of AR glasses and will produce software for third-party manufacturers

According to “three knowledgeable people” who spoke to Business Insider, Google has stopped developing an AR headset that looks like standard glasses. It is known that this happened against the background of mass layoffs at Google, as well as the departure of the head of the AR/VR line Clay Bavor.

    Google AR glasses prototype.  Image source: Google

Google AR glasses prototype. Image source: Google

According to the information received, the glasses were created based on the decisions of North, which was acquired by Google in 2020. The early version was rumored to be “very much” similar to North’s custom-designed Focals product. And last year Google showed a later version. Those glasses didn’t appear to have motion tracking cameras. At the same time, it is not known whether the deleted glasses were generally an AR model or just a smart gadget like a wearable display with additional functions that works in tandem with a smartphone.

Earlier this year there were rumors that Apple would do thisFor an indefinite period“postponed the premiere of full-featured AR glasses. And here is meta*According to reports, the company wants to present the corresponding model in 2027, while the prototypes should be sent to the developers as early as next year.

Google will now reportedly focus on developing a software platform for third-party devices, tentatively called Android XR for headsets and Android micro XR for glasses. We are talking about mixed reality gadget solutions.

In February, Samsung officially announced work on the corresponding headset and it was reported that Google would develop software for it. According to sources at Google, the partnership between the two companies was organized due to fears that Apple is developing something of its own in this area. According to reports, Google hopes to work with other manufacturers, similar to how it works with manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and laptops. In May, Google representatives at the I/O conference announced that they would be talking about their joint mixed reality project with Samsung later this year.

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