Google has removed links to cached pages from searches

Google has removed links to cached pages from searches – the feature works for now, but it won’t last long

Google last week excluded links to cached pages from search results. By themselves, they still exist, as well as the operator in the search bar for issuing them, but soon they will no longer exist, reports Search Engine Land with reference to Google search service representative Danny Sullivan.

 Image source: Alex Dudar /

Image source: Alex Dudar /

While it is still possible to use the cache operator, you can add an expression like “” to the request and get the saved pages of the specified site. But in the foreseeable future, this option will also disappear. The innovation will not in any way affect the operation of the “noarchive” meta tag, which prohibits search services from caching pages with it: Google said that the system will continue to follow this directive, in addition, other search engines also use the meta tag.

It is possible that instead of links to pages cached by Google, links to pages saved by the Wayback Machine service will appear in the results, Sullivan added. In his opinion, they would be appropriate in the same section of the “About this result” elements of the SERP, inviting people to see how the page they are interested in has changed over time. But it’s not a fact that this will happen – the decision on this is made at the management level, a Google employee clarified.

The cache in Google sometimes turned out to be a useful tool, helping to see site pages that were promptly deleted for one reason or another and eliminating some problems in promoting resources using technical means. Now for these purposes you will have to look for other tools. For example, Google Search Console allows you to view a specific page as the search robot “sees” it.


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