Google has released the Magnifier application for people with visual

Google has released the Magnifier application for people with visual impairments – it turns your smartphone into a magnifying glass

Google has released an application Magnifying glass, which makes it easier for people with visual impairments to read small or dimly lit text. The app was introduced with the Pixel 8 smartphone series and is now available on all Google smartphones starting with the Pixel 5. However, you cannot install them on the Pixel Fold or Pixel Tablet.

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Google Magnifier has a fairly simple interface: the screen contains image zoom buttons, a shutter or freeze button, flash on/off buttons, and a switch for the front and rear cameras. Additional features such as contrast and brightness adjustments and color filters are available to make text more readable. The brightness of images taken in low light conditions is automatically adjusted, and the flash brightness can also be adjusted.

The text recognized by the application can be copied for pasting into another application, listened to by a speech synthesizer, and also sent to Google Lens for further processing. Images captured in Google Magnifier are not included in the main stream but are saved in a separate folder to make them easier to find. There is no information yet whether Google will release the application for all Android devices, but iOS already has an analogue of this function.


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