Google has released the latest game on Stadia and promised

Google has released the latest game on Stadia and promised to unlock Bluetooth on the gamepad

Google released the last game before its shutdown on cloud gaming platform Stadia and promised to release a tool next week that will unlock the Bluetooth module on a branded gamepad.

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The latest Google Stadia game will be launched worm game Arcade appeared on the platform before the official release in November 2019 and was used by the Google team to test the features. The company acknowledged that the project clearly doesn’t claim to be “Game of the Year,” but the Stadia developers spent a lot of time on it and have now decided to share the project with the public.

Google will also release a tool next week that will allow Stadia gamepad owners to unlock Bluetooth modules, one of the platform’s managers said on the official website. Forum. Initially, the Stadia Controller connected directly to the Stadia services and the onboard Bluetooth module was blocked. When it became known that Google would shut down the service, users began to look for a way not to throw away the device, but to connect it to other systems – workarounds for this would no longer be necessary.

Cloud gaming platform Google Stadia will cease operations on January 19, 2023 at 10:59 am PT.


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