Google has released an emergency patch for Chrome that

Google has released an emergency patch for Chrome that fixes a number of serious security vulnerabilities

Google has released a new version of Chrome browser 98.0.4758.102 for Windows, Linux and macOS and recommends installing this update as soon as possible because it contains several important security fixes. These include an emergency patch that closes the zero-day vulnerability, which Google says is actively being used by hackers.

Image source: HotHardware

Image source: hot hardware

This vulnerability is referred to as CVE-2022-0609. There is currently very little information on this, as Google often only reveals details of existing vulnerabilities when the majority of users install the update. The Use After Free in Animation exploit was discovered by members of the Google Threat Intelligence Team.

In total, the latest update contains 11 security fixes, more than half of which are of high severity. Some of the bugs fixed by the update were discovered by third-party security researchers, who received $29,000 for their work.

Some of the fixed vulnerabilities are of the “Use After Free” type, which use memory access after it has been freed. They affect the file manager, Chrome Web Store API, GPU performance, and animations.


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