Google has optimized Android Auto for use with all car

Google has optimized Android Auto for use with all car screens

Google has announced a new version of Android Auto with an interface adapted to screens of different types, sizes and orientations. The corresponding update will be available to users later this year.

    Image Source: The Edge

Image Source: The Edge

One of the most notable changes is that Android Auto has a split screen interface by default. Previously, it was only available for certain car models. This approach is expected to make the use of the platform’s key functions such as navigation, multimedia system and messaging more convenient and simple.

“Previously we had a different screen mode available in a very limited number of vehicles. Now, regardless of the display type, size and form factor of your vehicle, this feature is available and it’s a very, very exciting upgrade.”‘ commented Rod Lopez, Senior Product Manager, Android Auto.

Android Auto is also known for adapting to any type of touchscreen, regardless of its size. This change is of great relevance as car manufacturers often get creative with their infotainment displays. Google said that the new version of Android Auto will fully meet all requirements, no matter what display and size is used in the car. The new version of Android Auto is expected to be available to end users later this year.


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