Google has made it easy to customize Chromes appearance

Google has made it easy to customize Chrome’s appearance

The company recently updated Chrome for desktop with a sidebar that makes it easy to change the app’s design and color.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Just click Customize Chrome in a new tab, and then the user can choose a theme pack or set colors in real-time to create their own unique look for the browser. Now you can set any custom image as wallpaper or set daily changing background if you want variety. There is no mention of similar changes for mobile. Due to the limitations of a phone screen, this setup isn’t as practical as a desktop display. So don’t expect a direct equivalent. Of course, browser customization is nothing new. However, accessing this feature usually required digging through the settings, even in other Chromium-based browsers. For example, in Microsoft Edge, making such changes requires going to the Appearance section of Settings.

In theory, the Chrome update could encourage more people to try out themes and colors. This reduces the likelihood of users switching to other browsers.


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