Google has launched an alternative search feed Perspectives on the

Google has launched an alternative search feed Perspectives on the subject of social networks

Google started a new search service feature designed to show different viewpoints in the SERPs, ideally from real social platform users. These views will be available in a new tab under the heading perspectives.

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By applying this filter, you can view short and long videos, collections of photos, and text messages posted on forums, Q&A sites, and social networks. The Perspectives list includes TikTok and YouTube videos, website posts, and the Quora and Reddit platforms. The Perspectives feed is more like Pinterest than organic Google.

Initially, Perspectives was presented as a separate carousel, and it felt like Google didn’t want users to have to add “reddit” to every search to get other people’s opinions. It seems that with the release of a new feature, Google is trying to invade the territory of the Reddit forum, which has already recovered from the crisis. But in reality, that’s more of a coincidence: The search giant announced Perspectives at the Google I/O conference in May and promised to provide a new feed “In the coming weeks” “Looks like the time has come.


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