Google has introduced AI that enables optimal ad placement on

Google has introduced AI that enables optimal ad placement on its platforms

Google has announced the launch of two new features for advertisers related to AI automation. We are talking about the possibility of optimal placement of information about brands on various platforms of the tech giant.

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Recently, AI has dominated the technology-related information space, and many IT companies, including Google, have developed chatbots that can meaningfully communicate with users. In addition, the aim is to use AI to serve advertisers who make the main contribution to the company’s sales. This was already announced in the spring.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Google’s new advertising tools use technology to perform specific tasks in advertising campaigns. One of the features is called Demand Gen – it uses AI to place the advertiser’s photo and video footage across multiple of the company’s sites, including Gmail, YouTube and Shorts – right where this or that type of material looks best.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, advertisers no longer have to think about where to place their content to create the best impression and maximum impact.

The second new feature is using AI to find the website with the most video ad impressions. Preliminary tests of Video View have shown that the tool can increase the number of views of promotional videos by 40%.

It is expected that the use of AI will allow advertisers to focus less on small things like content design and focus on marketing strategy.


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