Google has introduced a new corporate font Roboto Serif

Google has introduced a new corporate font, Roboto Serif

Google has introduced a new Roboto font family, developed in collaboration with commercial type designer Greg Gazdowicz. This serif font is called Roboto Serif and, according to Google, is optimized for comfortable reading.

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The company clarified that the new font isn’t just the old letters from the originally hacked Roboto Sans. On the contrary, each letter was drawn from scratch, but the proportions of its predecessor were preserved, allowing them to be freely used together in one composition. The appearance of such a project may indicate that after a few years of the dominance of minimalist solutions, serif fonts are back in fashion. But the main thing is that they are considered more legible due to the clear letter shapes. Finally, the most important advantage of Roboto Serif is that it is a variable font: the style of the letters can be changed depending on the screen resolution.

The Roboto font family has been used in various Google projects for over a decade. Its debut took place with the release of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), but it was recently replaced by the Product Sans font, on the basis of which, in particular, the current Google logo was created. Robot Serif today available for free use and download in the Google Fonts service – unfortunately without Cyrillic. The company has not yet made any announcements about plans to use it.



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