Google has improved the security of the Chrome browser by

Google has improved the security of the Chrome browser by halving the update interval

Google has increased Chrome’s security by halving the time it takes to release patches and security updates for the browser. Now users can update their web browser every week to ensure maximum protection against digital threats while surfing the global network.

    Image Source: Simon / Pixabay

Image Source: Simon / Pixabay

For a long time, Google released security updates for Chrome every two weeks. However, in the face of constant cyber threats, the company concluded that this process needs to be accelerated. Although a gap of two weeks seems sufficient, as the world’s most popular browser, Chrome is often the target of hacker attacks.

The main problem is that Chrome is based on the open source Chromium project. This allows anyone to see the browser’s source code, making it easier for attackers to find vulnerabilities. With the switch to a new update release schedule, the company aims to make its product more secure.

Security is a constant race in today’s information technology world. Google’s efforts to reduce the refresh interval in Chrome are a step in the right direction. However, security is also the responsibility of the users. Updating your web browser regularly is a simple measure that can provide strong protection against cyber threats.

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