Google has improved the search engine in mobile Chrome by

Google has improved the search engine in mobile Chrome by pumping recommendations – searching becomes easier and faster

Google developers regularly add new features to their proprietary Chrome browser to make it more convenient for users to interact with the application. This time, the developers relied on the browser’s tight connection with the company’s search engine to make four seemingly minor improvements designed to save users time and make it easier to find information on the web.

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When a user reads information on a web page, their next search query is usually related to it. Google has simplified this process by adding a “Related to this page” feature to search. After enabling this option, the search engine will automatically suggest several related searches that will be displayed in a pop-up window when the user taps on the search bar. This feature aims to save users time that they spend typing search terms.

People around the world also use the Google search engine to access news and up-to-date information. Now a new tab in the Chrome browser for Android shows recommended searches based on currently popular topics. When entering the request body, the browser offers several recommendations based on what the user has already written. This feature is expected to come to the iOS version of Chrome later this year.

Additionally, Chrome on Android now shows 10 search suggestions instead of six when the user clicks a search bar to enter a query. In a way, this feature takes advantage of modern smartphones with large screens and also helps users to quickly navigate to the information that interests them. In the near future, this innovation will also appear in Chrome for iOS.

Touch to Search is another feature that has been available to Chrome users on Android for a number of years. It allows users to highlight any word or section of text on a page and search based on that information. Now the search engine automatically adds recommended search queries associated with the selected text, so the user does not have to enter a search query manually.


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