Google has extended support for Chromebooks to 10 years

Google has extended support for Chromebooks to 10 years – no other operating system offers this

Google announcedthat support for Chromebooks will be extended to 10 years in 2024. This affects all models released after 2021. Computers released before this date will receive an extended support option. Previously, support for Chromebooks was 8 years.

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The company said that this move is intended to increase the security of computers – in their opinion, no other operating system has such a long support period. The lifespan of Chromebooks has been seen by some as a weak point compared to their Windows counterparts. For comparison: The average support period for macOS versions is three years, and for Windows it is around ten years.

In addition to expanded software support, Google announced an accelerated repair program for school Chromebooks: Authorized service centers can now complete work “50% faster.” In addition, Chrome OS will have new power efficiency features such as adaptive charging and battery saving mechanisms. This will help extend the battery life of computers and extend the life of the batteries themselves.

Google is systematically expanding the capabilities of Chrome OS – the platform already has its own video editor and Steam client. In terms of capabilities, it catches up with macOS and Windows.


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