Google has enriched AI video search and quality links

Google has enriched AI video search and quality links

The artificial intelligence-based search engine Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) has received a new useful feature: images and videos have been added to the output. Experimental users who have SGE enabled under Search Labs will see more media in the summary above their main search results. Google added that they are working on making this field display faster and making the links displayed in it more informative.

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The SGE feature remains experimental for now, but Google believes this is the quest for the future — and it’s also quite a complex product to get right. Google not only tries to find links to pages relevant to the user – the platform tries to synthesize them and based on this synthesis generate an up-to-date, reliable and useful answer. A useful tool is the video: the presence of YouTube in the issue becomes more and more evident, the system provides links to the necessary chapters or fragments of the video, thereby helping to get answers to questions like: “Why does my dryer make such a noise ?“ ?“.

An equally important element is the context of the links in the AI ​​search results. In addition to links to articles, Google now also displays the date of their publication, which helps assess the relevance of the information on those pages. The biggest challenge for a search engine is balancing self-search with directly answering user questions. Finally, an important aspect is the speed of the system: Generative AI chatbots prepare answers in a few seconds, while web searches should react immediately. At the same time, SGE users complain about the very slow work of the function, however, the company intends to make it faster.


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