Google has changed the rating system for software in the

Google has changed the rating system for software in the Play Store – now it takes into account the type of user devices

In addition to smartphones, the Android operating system runs on a wide range of device types, from tablets to watches to televisions. Google Play Store is the most popular marketplace for Android apps and now its owner has changed the functionality of the store for the better. Before downloading, users can see ratings and comments about the application, which depend on the type of device used.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

If previous ratings for all versions of the software were aggregated, the user will now see “personalized” ratings and reviews.

The feature has been in development since August 2021 and was due out earlier this year, but Google has only recently started rolling it out. “Ratings are based on recent feedback from people close to you using the same type of device as you.”according to Google Play.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

This does not mean that the user sees a “unique” rating – the average values ​​​​remain the same, but the number of visible comments has changed, and it is possible to read the opinions of users of similar devices. The innovation is expected to have some impact on the number of downloads of the same application from different gadgets as users will see different reactions.

It was previously reported that reviews on the marketplace will be delayed by 24 hours due to their “filtering”, although developers will still have instant access to them.

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