Google Drive now flags macOS system files as copyright infringing

Google Drive now flags macOS system files as copyright infringing

One of the Reddit users informedthat the system file .DS_Store uploaded to the cloud storage Google Drive, the storage of the desktop service of the macOS platform, was flagged as copyright infringing, of which the user was informed by email. After the resource tech radarthis is not an isolated case – similar complaints have been received from other users of the Apple operating system.

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On macOS, .DS_Store files are used to store metadata, and Apple computer users notice them when copying folders and archives to Windows or Linux computers. The default macOS Finder file manager automatically generates them to store custom attributes and metadata such as icon files and wallpaper locations. The program then uses this information to output data according to the user’s preferences. The Finder does not display these files in the same way as the desktop.ini and thumbs.db files on Windows family platforms.

You can hardly assume that system files violate copyright, so we are talking about another bug in the work of the cloud service, which recently started showing similar warnings for files that only contain the numbers “0” or “1”. The authors of the resource BleepingComputer supposedwhy such an error could occur, although they could not reproduce the error. The Google Drive service’s algorithms most likely rely on checksums to track copyrighted content, but this protection method can theoretically result in hash collisions. If the hashes of copyrighted and unrelated files match, the system will display a violation warning. In January, a similar story ended with the service’s administration acknowledging the mistake and taking steps to correct it. It probably all ends just as well with macOS system files.


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